What to do Barbados

Sandy Lane resort

A family getaway

The Caribbean is a haven for travelers who seek cheaper paradise. It’s sea is the clearest and warmth is abundant both in climate and in reception

The friendly exchange rates of countries around the Caribbean is what lures tourists to live like princes and princesses on this paradise.

Little do they know that an island on the far east of the Caribbean is just as beautiful as its heart.

It has even produced a woman named Robyn Fenty, who we all know and revere as singer/songwriter Rihanna.

Here are some things to look forward to in the island of Barbados.

What to find in Barbados

The people of Barbados are a mix of the Western African and British culture. So if you wonder why Barbadians have similar features to Africans, there is your answer.

History indicates that Barbados was initially inhabited by Africans however, they were colonized by the British sometime 1620.

This explains why Barbadians are fluent in English and adopt a Parliament style of government. The climate and people may be different, but it’s like tropical England once you explore this paradise.

Barbadians are also heavily influenced by Reggae music, which is popularized by Jamaicans. Expect the same musical vibe in Barbados as other Caribbean nations.

 Cricket is their national sport, as many of its notable players have come from Barbados. Locals would definitely be happy to count you in one of their pick-up game if you pass by.

The great escape

It may come unnoticed due to its proximity to the United States but Barbados is actually home to the world’s best beaches.

Barbados is actually another tropical paradise where tourists can get away without having to worry about costs despite an influx of tourists.

The good thing about Barbados is that it isn’t as crowded as let’s say Puerto Rico or the Bahamas. You can definitely enjoy solace and chill, or whichever you prefer.

Places to visit in Barbados

The island of Barbados is just as beautiful as other islands. It has been less toured in, which makes it less touched thus, as close to natural as possible.

Barbados is not exclusive to its clearest beaches however as there are still other gems in this small Caribbean island.

Here are some of them:

1.      The Parish of St. Michael

The city of Bridgetown is the largest, which might be why it was named the island’s capital by default.

St. Michael happens to be the hometown of Rihanna, which might be why it is the busiest places in Barbados.

What people often overlook is the fact that St. Michael is actually home to one of the oldest parliaments in the Western Hemisphere.

 Authentic native arts and crafts can be found in this area, as well as Rihanna’s neighbors, which is why if you feel like digging into your favorite singer’s past, here is where you start.

St. Michael is also home to the Deep Water Harbor, which is the island’s international seaport.

2.      Waterfront Café

Another one of Barbados’ gems,  The Waterfront Café is located at St. Michael as well, specifically, in Bridgeport, where it’s known for its food and ambience.

If you are looking for good food and music, this is the place where you will be forced to tag #PerfectCombo with its perfect ambience.

Visitors are indulged with a relaxing place to meet people and enjoy the warmth of the art displayed inside.

It’s menu consists of Western African cuisine, which play well for the adventurous and food enthusiasts alike.

3.      Daphne’s Restaurant (Popular choice)

Daphne’s restaurant is known around the world but only at Barbados does Daphne’s have amazing views and a romantic vibe.

The restaurant is known for amazing cocktails and the best views Barbados has to offer. They definitely are date-friendly so it will be a shame of you do not spend a night here.

4.      The St. Lawrence Gap

We now go to Christ Church, where nightlife is abundant. The St. Laurence Gap is an epitome of nightlife in Barbados.

Each bar is filled with a good crowd of tourists and locals, which will make you go barhopping your entire stay if you are into that scene.

The Reggae bars are a winner as most tourists vow to return solely on that alone. Guess Rihanna is correct for recommending such after all right?

On top of its great bars, the St. Lawrence Gap is actually filled with good restaurants and shopping areas to visit as well.

5.      Sandy Lane Hotel

If you wish to have a Caribbean vacation like in the movies, there’s no other place to do so than the luxurious Sandy Lane Hotel.

Ever imagined yourself in a luxurious Caribbean vacation where all you do is sip cocktails while enjoying the view at the beach? This is the place to do so.

The Sandy Lane Hotel has an interior which speaks highly of people who have the taste for luxury. Barbados’ friendly exchange rates may let you afford such hotel.

It is also a popular spot for golfers as it has a number of golf courses, which are sought after by gold enthusiasts.

They also have one of the best spas in the entire Caribbean, which assures you relaxation as long as you are in their premises.

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